“The Appearing”: Karloff’s Bloody, Blackened Punk is Here to Haunt (Early Album Stream)

One of the most satisfying and simple sounds in the realm of punk and metal is the intersection of black metal, speed metal, and punk. Venom did it first and best all the way back with Welcome to Hell in 1981, but a variety of sonic territories still remain to be explored without straying too far from those earliest British roots. Midnight takes the same sound as Venom and throws in even more sleaze and heavy metal melodies, Barbatos do it with a heavy influx of dirty thrash, Nekrofilth add in death metal, and Karloff take it all the way back to the hardcore side of the mix, drawing on easy to play but hard to master punk chords to the point that, as of now, they aren’t even on the Metal Archives.

Read the full article on Invisible Oranges: https://www.invisibleoranges.com/karloff-the-appearing/

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