I am a musician and writer living in Seattle, originally from Southern California. I play in several bands, and write music-related journalism for several websites. I also run a small record label called Nameless Grave Records. The purpose of this website is to collect all of my writing in one place, as well as keep an updated release of my various musical releases, additional work (layouting, guest musicianship), and label releases.

My active bands are: Azath, Draghkar, Reaver, Serpent Rider

I have in the past also played in Skullsmasher, Grave Spirit and Ghul. I left Skullsmasher after their first full length album to focus on my other bands, and Ghul and Grave Spirit have since broken up.

I currently write for Invisible Oranges and for Ride Into Glory. I have in the past written for Toilet Ov Hell , Howling Flesh (my previous blog, now deceased) and Fetid Dead.

I also have a print zine, The Highway Corsair, which focuses specifically on high-quality, long interviews with mostly (but not exclusively) death metal bands on full-sized and full-color professionally printed paper. You can find those here. Current issue: #2.

Nameless Grave Records release list
List of all of the releases from my bands

Website background image taken without permission from the Mark of the Beast inner artwork. If you are a former member of Manilla Road, represent Jim Fitzpatrick, or were part of Monster Records and want it changed, let me know.


Music coverage- highwaycorsair@gmail.com

Label – namelessgraverecords@gmail.com

My music – draghkarband@gmail.com

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