Entering the Underground #2 – Megaton Sword

Switzerland isn’t known for having a strong modern heavy metal scene, both traditional and overall, but Megaton Sword are aiming to change that. Though they only formed in 2018, the band put out an excellent EP on Dying Victims Productions soon after and a debut album Blood Hails Steel – Steel Hails Fire late last year, putting them on a prolific path to glory that will hopefully continue with more releases in the near future.

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Interview with Thomas from Deiquisitor

Deiquisitor has always been a tiny bit of a mystery. An ancient band in a modern age, they formed in Denmark in 2013 and largely kept off the internet until very recently, which always made it hard to promote their music or recommend them to friends. This shroud of olde occultism that surrounded the band was not necessarily ideal for their overall popularity, but lent itself to a certain air of wonder and secrecy that just doesn’t exist often in the internet age.

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Interview with Dustin from Dipygus

Is there a void in your life somewhere in between Cannibal Holocaust and Planet of the Apes? Did you ever think Impetigo wasn’t quite primitive enough lyrically? Well, Dipygus will probably hit pretty hard—and certainly does that anyway even completely ignoring their delightfully regressive aesthetic. Hailing from Northern California, these primordial pre-cavemen clearly have a hankering for the earliest days of gore and death from when Autopsy and Impetigo ruled the world, but do it their way; Bushmeat, their new album, is no lame rehash of Horror of the Zombies and more than rules on its own merits.

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Interview with Aethon from Eurynomos

For the first edition of this column, I thought it’d be fitting to talk about the brilliant Eurynomos, a black/thrash band from Germany that demands your attention. This devastating, archaic beast was formed a few years ago pretty much entirely to convince Desaster’s classic vocalist, Okkulto, to come back to metal. After three excellent 7″ releases on cult underground label Iron Pegasus Records (best known for releasing music from bands like Mortem, Sadistic Intent, and Pentacle) Eurynomos finally dropped their debut album, From the Valleys of Hades, on the same label in 2020.

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Interview with Collin from Wytch Hazel

Retro heavy rockers Wytch Hazel have drawn quite a bit of attention these last few years with a consistent stream of excellent and always-improving albums—and for their unabashed love for their lord and saviour Jesus Christ. Last year, their third album III: Pentecost came out on Bad Omen Records to near-universal acclaim (aside from a bit of grumbling from metalheads who that are less interested in Christian lyrics). For the uninitiated, Wytch Hazel sound quite a bit like the glory days of early heavy metal just before Iron Maiden and Saxon took over the world; some good references are Ashbury, Wishbone Ash, and Pagan Altar, but Wytch Hazel’s sound is all their own, paying particular reference to medieval melodic structures and to uplifting hymns to the Lord.

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Out Now: The Highway Corsair Zine Issue #2!


Second issue of The Highway Corsair Zine, compiled and edited by Brandon Corsair (Azath, Draghkar). Special focus on long interviews. Features interviews with Dismember, Cruciamentum, Mystifier, Nunslaughter, and more. The zine is professionally printed in full color and full size. Cover artwork by Lucas Korte / Shoggoth Kinetics.

Send an email if you want to use media mail (save a couple bucks or bulk) or order wholesale. Due to the limitations of Storenvy and the USPS, shipping rates here get inaccurate pretty quick if you buy more than a couple copies.

Interview with AS from Malokarpatan

As I’ve extensively said in the past, both here and in other places, Malokarpatan is easily one of the best, most interesting, and most exciting new bands in black metal. Stylistically, they draw from oft-disregarded ancient wells of inspiration such as Master’s Hammer, Root, and many others that they talk about in the interview below. Lyrically, they stay away from English and focus on the myths and folklore of their Slovakian homeland, giving them an additional unique touch and mysticism that not many bands dare emulate. Each record so far, including the one that’s coming out in March, has been an evolution from the last one without losing anything that makes Malokarpatan special- another rarity. Below is a long interview I did with principal songwriter and band founder A.S.

Read the interview on Toilet ov Hell. Published on February 3, 2020.