Entering the Underground #12: Obsolete’s High Speed Death/Thrash Will Never Die Out

As with many of the bands I cover in this column, Obsolete play a sort of music that’s both regressive with roots in the ‘80s and ‘90s but that’s very much out of fashion. In this case, they play a rarified sort of technical death/thrash that calls back to the old greats – Atheist, Cynic, Death, and their ilk – without unnecessarily repeating what any of those bands already accomplished. Obsolete’s debut album, Animate//Isolate, is immediately ear-catching from the first riff because the onslaught of technical, big-bass songwriting is just so damn unusual these days; most genuinely accomplished death metal musicians that want to play something in that direction lean more towards the Necrophagist school of death, and guys that are worshipping an earlier time are largely playing much simpler music.

Read the full article at Invisible Oranges:

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