Praise the “Sweet Evil Sun”: Original Vocalist Johan Längquist Keeps Candlemass Thoroughly Doomed (Interview)

Everyone that’s into doom metal understands that Candlemass is about as important and influential as a doom metal band (outside of Black Sabbath themselves) has ever been. The genre’s name itself arguably comes from their first album Epicus Doomicus Metallicus and quite a bit of the reason that people love that album so much is the incredible session vocal performance from Johan Längquist. Dramatic, powerful, and dynamic, Längquist’s singing on that album has transcended the genre of doom metal itself and inspired generations of bands and their vocal performances. “Solitude” alone has been covered dozens of times by doom legends like Solstice and by smaller bands like Procession or Bewitched alike; even when the covers don’t necessarily work, the love is certainly going where it’s due, and it was no small deal when Candlemass announced that Längquist had returned to be their permanent singer a few years ago.

Read the article at Invisible Oranges:

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