Outre-Tombe Plunge into Deadly Depths on “Abysse mortifère” (Interview)

Even with a late entry (a spooky Halloween release!), Abysse mortifère was an easy lock for my 2021 year-end list. Ferociously opposed to any sort of modernity in their ancient assault, Outre-Tombe take things to the next level with what is surely their best record yet: catchier songwriting, bigger riffs, and dirtier production combine to form a record that stands apart from almost all contemporary peers.

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Sordid Blade – Demo MMXXI CS Out Now!

Sordid Blade - Demo MMXXI CS


Out now on Nameless Grave Records! Sordid Blade make a stunning debut with their first demo MMXXI: emotional, obscure, and tinged with magick, Sordid Blade focuses on evoking a personal atmosphere through arcane riffs and vocals rather than on more familiar onslaughts of borrowed NWOBHM-isms or speed metal heroism.

The heart of Sordid Blade is in forging a path outside the well-trodden, and the spirit of the project should appeal not only to fans of modern contemporaries such as Herzel or Vultures Vengeance but also to fans of sole creator Niklas Holm’s other band, Wanton Attack.

On this special limited-to-50 hand numbered cassette release, MMXXI has been remixed by Andrew Lee to better showcase the band’s powerful riffs and passionate vocals from the muddy original mix, but fans of that one need not worry: the b-side of the tape features that as well, leaving every option open to the discerning heavy metal maniac. 7″ vinyl to follow later in 2022.

Tension Unleashes Hell-Bent, Hard-Rocking “Black Knights” (Early Track Stream + Interview)

Long gaps in band activity can mean anything. It could signify internal conflict, a lack of interest in songwriting, difficulty with the songwriting process, or a fine-minded attitude towards perfectionism. It’s impossible to tell from the outside, and perhaps the new Tension album Decay, coming out some five years after their self-titled debut EP, would have been just as well-done if it dropped in 2019 or 2020, but I doubt it. Decay is beautiful and shines with an inner fire of obscurity, drawing equally from the prolific 1980s Swedish heavy metal scene as from the lesser-known Eastern Bloc one, amongst other buried treasure bands.

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Make “First Contact” with Kontact’s Exceptionally Alien Heavy Metal (Interview + Early EP Stream)

Strange soundscapes and stranger riffs are the order of the day with new Canadian maniac sci-fi metallers Kontact, whose debut EP drops tomorrow on Temple of Mystery Records. Featuring veteran metal warriors from bands like Traveler and Blackrat, First Contact (missed opportunity to double up on the “K”s!) is a journey through the unknown; there is nothing predictable contained within other than a promise of really cool and unusual songwriting.

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Brandon Corsair’s Top Albums of 2021

Another year has passed, and another chance to reflect on 12 months of killer releases is here. There’s a bit more than last year to dig into as bands either gave up on waiting out the pandemic or started touring again, along with bands that just outright wrote albums while they were stuck at home. All else aside it was a good year for music and there’s been lots of cool stuff that I mostly will ignore to talk about these specific 20 albums.

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“Condemned by Primal Contact,” Sijjin Continues a Legacy of Horrific Death Metal (Early Track Stream+ Interview)

One of the strongest carriers of the torch after the original wave of death metal was the mighty Necros Christos, who dominated the world for 20 years across three albums, several EPs, and a variety of splits with cult bands like Teitanblood, Goat Molestör (who would later change their name to something more recognizable, Grave Miasma), and Loss. The band’s announcement after the masterpiece that was Domedon Doxomedon that they were done was a dark day, but soon after Necros Christos mastermind Malte Gericke announced that a new band was rising in its ashes: Sijjin.

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Concrete Winds Subject Listeners To “Noise Trepanation” (Early Track Stream + Interview)

Concrete Winds is the most vicious band in death metal right now. I don’t say that lightly; even on their parent label, Sepulchral Voice Records, there are some astonishingly violent bands such as Sijjin (whose upcoming debut album Sumerian Promises is a real doozy) and the mighty Degial. The brutal intensity and nerve-wracking cacophony that Concrete Winds create with their hyper-speed take on the genre is unmatched, with their music forming a whirlwind of unhinged hatred and promises of destruction.

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Taste the “Temptation Steel Scourge” of Tempter’s Sacrament (Early EP Stream + Interview)

Pre-downtuned ‘80s style death metal primitivism is a special field of underground warfare that will never be properly in fashion. It’s too antithetical to what the average metal fan wants; not pleasing enough to the ear, never commercial for a second, and too damn raw. As much as a certain brand of death freak worships The Magus or Abominations of Desolation, they don’t pop up in essentials lists from more mainstream magazines and there’s always a limited amount of bands doing what those bands did.

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Entering the Underground #16: Diabolizer Deals Out “Khalkedonian Death”

Everlasting Spew Records basically came out of nowhere. They didn’t exist until 2016, and weren’t on my radar until probably 2018, but despite their recent start they’d already picked up notable bands like Birdflesh and Galvanizer by the first time I came across one of their releases. More recently they’ve picked up well known bands like Lord Gore, Ritual Necromancy, and Father Befouled—quite the feat for such a relatively recent label!

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