Entering the Underground #25: Tideless Combines Death Metal and Shoegaze on “Adrift in Grief”

A certain section of the death metal community has always ignored what other people think. In 1980s Los Angeles, it was Sadistic Intent playing their hearts out to crowds that would “horseshoe” around the stage to avoid seeming like they were watching Sadistic Intent play. In 1990s Mexico, it was The Chasm giving up on shows altogether for a time because of a lack of interest in the local scene. Timeless and forever, these are the works of art that live in our hearts as special monuments in the genre. California death metal tyrants Deathevokation perhaps put it best on the back sleeve of their album, The Chalice of Ages–”Music that doesn’t follow trends is meant for the ages.”

Read the article at Invisible Oranges:

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