Ravenous Death Talks Crafting Death Metal Hellscapes On “Visions from the Netherworld” (Interview)

Ravenous Death’s strong potential has been evident since their 2017 debut short-length Ominous Deathcult, but I don’t feel that it was truly realized until now. That debut was a solid slab of straightforward, catchy death metal that didn’t vary much from a standard old and evil death metal template. It was equal parts Floridian and Swedish murderous riffage and all fire and energy without a ton other than their love of murder to separate them from the pack; the most present takeaway was that it was good—but they already had a rare spark showing that they could be great.

Read the full interview at Invisible Oranges: https://www.invisibleoranges.com/ravenous-death-interview/

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