Sordid Blade – Demo MMXXI CS Out Now!

Sordid Blade - Demo MMXXI CS

Out now on Nameless Grave Records! Sordid Blade make a stunning debut with their first demo MMXXI: emotional, obscure, and tinged with magick, Sordid Blade focuses on evoking a personal atmosphere through arcane riffs and vocals rather than on more familiar onslaughts of borrowed NWOBHM-isms or speed metal heroism.

The heart of Sordid Blade is in forging a path outside the well-trodden, and the spirit of the project should appeal not only to fans of modern contemporaries such as Herzel or Vultures Vengeance but also to fans of sole creator Niklas Holm’s other band, Wanton Attack.

On this special limited-to-50 hand numbered cassette release, MMXXI has been remixed by Andrew Lee to better showcase the band’s powerful riffs and passionate vocals from the muddy original mix, but fans of that one need not worry: the b-side of the tape features that as well, leaving every option open to the discerning heavy metal maniac. 7″ vinyl to follow later in 2022.

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