Nocturnal Wanderer Bestows Upon Us The “Gift of the Night” (Early Album Stream + Interview)

When I was offered an early release promo of the upcoming Nocturnal Wanderer album Gift of the Night, I jumped on the chance to premiere it. The Pacific Northwest project’s music is absolutely otherworldly, with a mesmerizing blend of some of black metal’s finest melodic underpinnings, classic heavy metal, and the dirty romping fun of genre classics a la Venom and Bulldozer without actually sounding like those bands. As I put those words to paper (so to speak) my mind is drawn to Malokarpatan, who employ many of the same influences and have a not-entirely-dissimilar approach, but Nocturnal Wanderer’s sound is their own; just as wild, but even more free, there’s a looseness that draws to mind something primordial dancing in the air, with the potential to be cruel but without the modernity to be construed as anything approaching evil.

Read the full interview at Invisible Oranges:

Disclaimer: when I interviewed this band I had no idea I’d be releasing the album on CD!

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