Ænigmatum “Deconsecrate” Death Metal Through Sublime Strangeness (Early Album Stream + Interview)

Deeply personal, genre-defying releases that completely disregard any and all trends are a big favorite of mine, as I’ve talked about here and there during my time with Invisible Oranges. Who are better at weaving strange and surprising influences than Portland’s Ænigmatum? I’ll tell you who—damn near nobody. Their new album Deconsecrate drops in just a few days on 20 Buck Spin and has been drumming up some well deserved hype via the early singles; technical without being soulless, melodic without being saccharine, and at nearly all times incredibly fast and aggressive, the album is a true wonder of what talented and inspired musicians can do even playing in a genre that’s been well established for some 30-odd years.

Read the full article at Invisible Oranges:

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