Heavy Metal Everlasting: An Interview with Howie Bentley of Cauldron Born and Briton Rites

As we talked about with Mike Scalzi the other week, the 1990s were a low point in the history of heavy metal. It was nearly dead, with only isolated bands still playing it in the United States, most of them unaware of anyone else doing it. One of the most-decimated styles was the musically impressive and instrumentally complex side of United States Power Metal (for more info, see this great guide written by a good friend), which crested in the 1980s with bands like Helstar, Apocrypha, and Fates Warning and then died soon thereafter. Another was the rocking, ancient doom pioneered by bands like Witchfinder General in England, which was soon to be supplanted by years of development in the genre that didn’t always leave room for the old greats that toed the line between rollicking heavy metal and early Black Sabbath.

Read the full feature at Invisible Oranges below:

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