“Gothic”: Paradise Lost and the Dawn of a Death/Doom Classic

Thirty years ago to this day, one of the ultimate landmarks of death/doom metal dropped. Coming only a scant year after Paradise Lost’s debut album, Lost Paradise, Gothic represented a reverberating shift through the burgeoning genre and made waves that are still being felt today. It also stands unique within the band’s discography as a transitional work between their early days playing death metal and their long mid period where they shied away from it (with repeated mentions in places like 1993’s Chamber of Sorrow Zine #4 about all of the issues that they had with the record after the honeymoon period had worn off after its release). Gothic was their last death metal record for almost two decades until they more recently began slowly re-integrating that sound with In Requiem, and, though of course it’s worth checking out all of their material, Gothic is the one that was the most influential and special of their early works.

Read the whole article at Invisible Oranges: https://www.invisibleoranges.com/paradise-lost-gothic-30/

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