AOTY 2019 List – Toilet Ov Hell

It’s been another great year for metal, and the time has come for publications to start putting up their album of the year posts. Mine can be found below; the text contains my choices, and the link has them again (scroll down to “BW”- that’s me!) with little reviews, links to full reviews, and links to interviews if there are any.

10. Chevalier Destiny Calls
9. Magic CircleDeparted Souls
8. Ares KingdomBy the Light of Their Destruction
7. Funereal PresenceAchatius
6. TerminusA Single Point of Light
5. Unaussprechlichen KultenTeufelsbucher
4. Vultures VengeanceThe Knightlore
3. PentacleSpectre of the Eight Ropes
2. Capilla ArdienteThe Siege
1. OrodruinRuins of Eternity

Top Albums ov 2019 w/ Karhu, BW, and Leif Bearikson

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