Interview with Collin from Wytch Hazel

Retro heavy rockers Wytch Hazel have drawn quite a bit of attention these last few years with a consistent stream of excellent and always-improving albums—and for their unabashed love for their lord and saviour Jesus Christ. Last year, their third album III: Pentecost came out on Bad Omen Records to near-universal acclaim (aside from a bit of grumbling from metalheads whoContinue reading “Interview with Collin from Wytch Hazel”

Out Now: The Highway Corsair Zine Issue #2! Second issue of The Highway Corsair Zine, compiled and edited by Brandon Corsair (Azath, Draghkar). Special focus on long interviews. Features interviews with Dismember, Cruciamentum, Mystifier, Nunslaughter, and more. The zine is professionally printed in full color and full size. Cover artwork by Lucas Korte / Shoggoth Kinetics. Send an email if you wantContinue reading “Out Now: The Highway Corsair Zine Issue #2!”

Interview with AS from Malokarpatan

As I’ve extensively said in the past, both here and in other places, Malokarpatan is easily one of the best, most interesting, and most exciting new bands in black metal. Stylistically, they draw from oft-disregarded ancient wells of inspiration such as Master’s Hammer, Root, and many others that they talk about in the interview below. Lyrically, theyContinue reading “Interview with AS from Malokarpatan”

Interview with Denimal of Road Warrior, Stargazer, Cauldron Black Ram, and more

gfAustralia’s Road Warrior blazes bright and mean. Formed by members of enduring extreme metal bands, Road Warrior represents a new foray into a different kind of sonic destruction from what the band has done before in their other projects, channeling the muscular spirit of bands like Griffin and Jag Panzer with a healthy dose ofContinue reading “Interview with Denimal of Road Warrior, Stargazer, Cauldron Black Ram, and more”

Interview: Wannes Gubbels from Pentacle

Pentacle are without a doubt one of death metal’s most powerful enduring flames. Formed at the tail end of the ’80s and eternally channeling the spirit of the earliest days of the genre, Pentacle have never compromised their musical quality, style, or ideals even across some of death metal’s darkest years; in 2019, they returnedContinue reading “Interview: Wannes Gubbels from Pentacle”

Review: Pentacle – Spectre of the Eight Ropes

How many bands can keep chugging away for decades and still bring out a tremendous album each and every time? The list is certainly short, and shorter still every year you go back in time. Dutch death metal heroes Pentacle formed all the way back at the tail end of the ‘80s, and though they’veContinue reading “Review: Pentacle – Spectre of the Eight Ropes”

AOTY 2019 List – Toilet Ov Hell

It’s been another great year for metal, and the time has come for publications to start putting up their album of the year posts. Mine can be found below; the text contains my choices, and the link has them again (scroll down to “BW”- that’s me!) with little reviews, links to full reviews, and linksContinue reading “AOTY 2019 List – Toilet Ov Hell”