Review: Galaxy – Lost From The Start

Not many new bands properly evoke the spirit of the earliest days of thrash and speed metal. The energy, passion, and crazed sonic assault of a genre that didn’t quite exist yet seems to just be lost to time—even extremely competent worshippers feel like they’re putting their own spin on an old genre more oftenContinue reading “Review: Galaxy – Lost From The Start

Review: Terminus – A Single Point of Light

Follow-ups are always a bit of a risky affair. There’s fan expectation, and if the artist doesn’t evolve at all, there’s earlier material to overcome- many bands can’t rise to the challenge, and either break up or put out a flop of a second album. Terminus, hailing from Belfast, had more of a hurdle thanContinue reading “Review: Terminus – A Single Point of Light

Interview with Adam Zaars from Tribulation

For some years now, an extreme metal band from Arvika, Sweden, titled Tribulation has been taking the metal world by storm. Though originally formed as a dirty and fast death metal band hailing back to seminal Swedish acts such as Merciless and Nihilist as well as to the fierce storming vengeance of early Morbid Angel, TribulationContinue reading “Interview with Adam Zaars from Tribulation”

Interview with Tony Steele from Vultures Vengeance

The old Italian spirit of heavy metal mastery has been proved undaunted by the years, changing trends, and the often non-existent financial support for the strange and epic. Vultures Vengeance, hailing from Rome, have in their ten years of existence completely eschewed all convention to bring us their unique take on epic heavy metal. OurContinue reading “Interview with Tony Steele from Vultures Vengeance”

Review: Orodruin – Ruins of Eternity

Johnny Gallo may be the best active doom metal guitarist right now. I’ve been tracking the guy’s movements closely the last few years after initially being introduced to Orodruin, who are easily among my favorite bands of the ‘00s (yes, they formed in the late ‘90s, but the bulk of their material was a bitContinue reading “Review: Orodruin – Ruins of Eternity

Interview with Kevin Heybourne from Angel Witch

Are you an angel witch? Kevin Heybourne, sole remaining founding member of the legendary band, certainly is. Formed in 1978 and with a now-legendary debut album in 1980, Angel Witch has some of the strongest name recognition from the original NWOBHM movement, much of it based on the strength of dark and catchy tracks thatContinue reading “Interview with Kevin Heybourne from Angel Witch”

Forlorn Skies: An Introduction to Melodic Death Metal

Everyone knows how death metal started, more or less, even if the details can be a bit hazy to those who haven’t done their due diligence. But what about melodic death metal? What about the innovators, bands that played an in between of the commercial sounds of later days and the classics, or the rareContinue reading “Forlorn Skies: An Introduction to Melodic Death Metal”

Interview with Brendan Radigan of Magic Circle, Pagan Altar, Stone Dagger, and more

For the last decade or so, heavy metal has had a new rising star with the prolific Brendan Radigan. He’s probably the best known in our community for singing in Magic Circle and, more recently, as Pagan Altar’s live vocalist. His singing and songwriting on the Stone Dagger demo is the talk of the underground,Continue reading “Interview with Brendan Radigan of Magic Circle, Pagan Altar, Stone Dagger, and more”

Interview with Robert Garven from Cirith Ungol

Not all legends of yore got the praise they deserved when they were still active. Cirith Ungol is one of the very first metal bands, both inside the United States and beyond it, and each of their three studio albums are venerated by ever-growing legions of heavy metal fans in the modern day—but it wasn’tContinue reading “Interview with Robert Garven from Cirith Ungol”

Review: Mortiferum – Disgorged From Psychotic Depths

Expectation, as I’ve said before, can be a terrible thing. Massive fan excitement can lead to disappointment and revilement upon a follow-up release just as easily as it can lead to festival dates or touring opportunities, and to fail to deliver for a band such as Mortiferum, whose debut demo in 2017 opened a seeminglyContinue reading “Review: Mortiferum – Disgorged From Psychotic Depths